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What am I truly saying with my body language?

What is body language? Body language is another way of communicating that we use daily, whether consciously or unconsciously. We usually pair our speech with body movements, also called nonverbal cues, that reinforce what we are saying. These verbal cues can be facial expressions, body posture, certain gestures, eye movement, touch, and even the use…

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Why do I need to be assertive?

What is assertiveness? Assertiveness is a communication style where we communicate with others positively, directly, and firmly. It must be persistent at times, mostly when a persuasive person is trying to get to say yes when you want to say no—being assertive means to stand up for ourselves and take actions for our own best…

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Validation: An essential skill to improve communication.

Humans are the most advanced animal we know on Earth. Many characteristics make us different from other animals. One of them is that we innately require social interactions. The social interactions that humans urge to have are much more diverse than other animals. He naturally needs deeper communication that allows us to truly connect with…

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